About Dulce


About Dulce

My name is Dulce,  I am an Online Business Coach, Organic Marketing Strategist, Public Speaker, and Educator who mentors creative entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses, building their brands, and pivoting online.

With the way the world has had to pivot during these unforeseen circumstances, I made it my mission to be a resource of support by teaching business owners to launch their brands online with my signature program, Pivoting Digital.


Whether you’re interested in creating your first digital offer, adding a new source of revenue into your business, or learning to use free marketing platforms like Instagram to make money, close sales, and land clients, Pivoting Digital was created to give you skills that move with the times and provides tangible results.

I don’t play life on Easy mode -- if it’s not hard, I don’t feel like I’m living! Whether it’s pushing myself with self-discipline challenges or finding new ways to help my clients succeed, I am always on the go and always ready to take on a new goal.

However, I never planned to be an entrepreneur...

As the daughter of an immigrant single mother, working twice as hard to prove myself is in my DNA. I always had a plan, and I have to be honest, my eyes weren't set on entrepreneurship. I was on a mission to climb that corporate ladder all the way to the top.

After graduating college, my plan kept in motion: I got a job on Wall Street, which eventually led me to become an Events Director at a global company, and lead teams of people across NYC, Miami and Latin America. I was often the youngest and one of the only people of color in senior leadership, navigating the corporate landscape full of people with decades of experience. But that never phased me --  I love love love my corporate journey because it taught me how to be a COO, CMO, CFO, and HR.

I discovered the power of social media and organic marketing when I landed my next 6-figure corporate contract via Instagram DMs… I realized that social media was this insane tool that most people weren’t maximizing. I started collaborating and forming partnerships with people in the fitness industry, alongside my new job.

Leveraging the relationships and expertise I had gained from social media, my journey to entrepreneurship began. It wasn’t what I had in mind for my original ‘life plan’, but I was excited to launch my own events marketing and social media consulting biz! That’s how my first digital product, La Vida Social (now Algorithm Proof Instagram), was born: to help teach small business owners - who maybe couldn’t hire a full-time marketing manager - to navigate the world of social media marketing themselves.

Take me to...

Algorithm Proof Instagram

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have offered 1:1 support to clients who need personalized guidance in business strategy and organic growth. I have made a difference in the lives and businesses of my clients because of my corporate experience and hands-on approach and my dedication to growing and adapting with them.

And with Covid prompting me to create Pivoting Digital, it’s resulted in my own business making 6 figures in just under 6 months.


So if you are a creative entrepreneur ready to pivot online, take your business to new heights, and sky-rocket your sales through organic marketing, let’s chat to see how I can best support you!

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